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Picobello Wisdom Wrap-I'm a wrap bracelet made with leather, hand laid rivets  and natural stones that include Labrodite, Agate, Apatite and Moonstone.  I will wrap around your wrist 5 times, have Tierra cast distressed crimp ends and secure with a lobster clasp. I also have a 1 inch extender chain that allows some adjustability. 


Labrodite-is known to connect one to the spirit world and encourgages us to keep our heads up in the clouds.
Agate is known as the stabilizer, has protective qualities and can help you to slow down and move through life with more grace and ease.

Apatite is known for for reawakening a sense of clarity, deepening your focus and spiritual awareness.

Moonstone-is known for opening up the heart chakra, being more receptive and in touch with our own inner feelings and your inner goddess. 


It has been said that when wearing me one feels ethereal and has a sense of euphoria. 


Picobello Wisdom Wrap Bracelet